/etc/mrouted.conf name LOCAL phyint em1 disable forward multicast sysctl.conf net.inet.ip.mforwarding=1 enable and start Service rcctl enable multicast rcctl start multicast rcctl enable mrouted rcctl start mrouted useful commands netstat -g map-mbone mrinfo mtrace Links https://felix-kling.de/blog/2019/sonos-dedicated-vlan.html


DualStack & Prefix Delegation with OpenBSD OS: OpenBSD 6.5 Hint: wide-dhcpv6-20080615p9 was not working fine. So, i gave a try with dhcpcd Install Package pkg_add dhcpcd-7.1.1p4 Configure dhcpcd /etc/dhcpcd.conf ipv6only noipv6rs duid persistent option rapid_commit require dhcp_server_identifier # disable running any hooks; not typically required for simple DHCPv6-PD setup script "" # List interfaces explicitly so that dhcpcd doesn't touch others allowinterfaces em1 vlan108 vlan110 vlan112 interface em1 # the following two lines tell dhcpcd to do router solicitation # itself.