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Some OpenBSD Tipps and Trick. But you better check the Blogs directly …

PF Rule Expander

echo "pass log inet proto tcp from any to self port 22" |pfctl -nvf -

remove File based on Inode

ls -il -> grab nr
find . -inum $mynr -exec ls -i {} \;
find . -inum $mynr -exec rm -i {} \;

8 Port USB/Serial Box, how to activate Port 5-8

cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV ttyU4 ttyU5 ttyU6 ttyU7

Firmware for APU


or locally

Firmware for APU2/APU3/APU4

sha256: 53b906dbf9f592d6c9af204636061b54e148816d70ae512da1a507096b90594c