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Need a small and smart utility to manage you ssh keys under linux ? got some scripts and cronjobs which requires an local ssh key ? have a look at keychain !

Install Software

$ sudo apt-get install keychain

edit startup Scripts

$HOME/.bashrc / $HOME/.bash_profile / /etc/profile

cat << 'EOF' >> $HOME/.bashrc
# Keychain Startup
eval `keychain --eval id_ed25519`

check service

$ keychain
$ ssh-add -L

add to .profile

cat << 'EOF' >> .profile

# Keychain Loaded ? Load and show Key ...
eval $(keychain --eval id_ed25519)
echo -e "loaded keys: `ssh-add -L |cut -c 1-12,77-`\n"

sha256: 3e33fcf6e85d374fe4e3b365c96c4a0d0270d99768af09f7ec8612209008ad04