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like ssh and secure keys ?

Generate Secure Key

ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 -C "MyFamousComment"
ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 -C "`whoami`@`hostname`@`date \"+%Y-%m-%d@%H:%M\"`"

What’s ed25519 ?

Wikipedia about Curve25519


Distribute Key

ssh-copy-id user@remote-server-ip-or-dns-name

Connect to Remote

Connect to Remove without Agent Forwarding (use this unless you know what you’re dooing …)

ssh -a ip-or-hostname

Connect with Agent Forwarding

or if you need Agent Forwarding

ssh -A ip-or-hostname

Confirm Agent Forwarding

to confirm if agent forwarding is working, you can check your environment:

boss ~$ env |grep SSH
SSH_CONNECTION=192.168.2 55484 22
SSH_CLIENT= 55484 22

Check if Passphrase is set

$ ssh-keygen -y -f .ssh/id_ed25519

Change Passphrase

$ ssh-keygen -p -f .ssh/id_ed25519
Enter old passphrase:
Enter new passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved with the new passphrase.

sha256: 3cc4aaec47bbbb8b902d8aa5089b4969197b6ece06a87d540e71641194b9c546