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Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266

Got a new Toy … Datasheet esp8266 Pinout Manual Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide Driver Wire Diagram ESP8266 Arduino Core’s documentation ESP8266WiFi library Playing with LED gpio.mode(3, gpio.OUTPUT) gpio.write(3, gpio.LOW) gpio.write(3, gpio.HIGH) Blinking Stuff while 1 do gpio.write(3, gpio.HIGH) tmr.delay(1000000) -- wait 1'000'000 us = 1 Second gpio.write(3, gpio.LOW) tmr.delay(1000000) -- wait 1'000'000 us = 1 Second end More blinking -- Pin definition local pin = 3 local status = gpio.


Exclude Dir CAT << 'EOF' > CACHEDIR.TAG Signature: 8a477f597d28d172789f06886806bc55 # This file is a cache directory tag created by Borg. # For information about cache directory tags, see: # EOF chmod 444 CACHEDIR.TAG

Debian on APU4

debian on apu boot menu -> tab -> debian-installer/i386/linux vga=788 initrd=debian-installer/i386/initrd.gz — console=ttyS0,115200 enter space :) english country switzerland nic0 hostname apu005 domain planet mirror ch -> root password Partitioning: entire Disk & LVM Separate /home /var /tmp survey no soft: standard system utilities & ssh server grub yes braucht ca. 30min ! automated Packages apt-get -y install net-tools git htop Reboot geht 40 Sekunden

OpenBSD & PHP Stuff 7.4

Install NGINX & PHP pkg_add nginx php--%7.4 rcctl enable nginx php74_fpm Edit php.ini sed -i s'/date.timezone = UTC.*/date.timezone = Europe\/Zurich/' /etc/php-7.4.ini sed -i s'/short_open_tag = Off.*/short_open_tag = On/' /etc/php-7.4.ini Stop 7.3 & Start 7.4 rcctl stop php73_fpm rcctl restart nginx php74_fpm Uninstall PHP 7.3 pkg_del php--%7.3 pkg_del -a

Hamster Rad

Projekt Hamster Counter Hamsterrad Reed Sensor Installation Ziel Ein kleiner Hamster Rad Zähler, um etwas über das (nächtliche) Laufverhalten des Nagers zu erfahren. Website Das Projekt hat nen kleinen Webserver bekommen mit Live Statistiken Webserver nur IPv6 erreichbar Hardware Hamster Käfig Laufrad APU2/3/4 von PC Engines, kann natürlich auch ein Raspi / Aruduino oder sonstwas sein … DSUB 9 Pol (Conrad, Art: 2108931 - 62), oder einfach ein altes Kabel verschneiden Rolle Draht / Litze 2 Ader (Conrad, Art: 1567051 - 62) Positionssensor (Conrad, Art.


How to Process Large Files … ? Large is a variable Term, 700 GB is large for me, while it could be a small peace for others. Assuming you need to count the lines … this simple Task can take minutes ! Size [user@host /tmp]$ du -sh bigfile 745G bigfile Wordcount -> 10 min if you need to count the lines, use the wordcount command and you get the exact number … but you have to wait for minutes, depending in your disk subsystem and the file size of course


Troubleshooting Crontab Problems Dump the Environement add this line to root’s crontab * * * * * env > ~/cronenv Load the Environement env - `cat /var/log/cronenv` /bin/sh Run your script ./ and check it’s output …

ipv4 & ipv6

What’s my Public IP[4|6] Address from Cli ? We all know the Situation when we’re working on some Maschines, locally or through ssh and asking ourself what ip address we get when reach out the internet. My Dude “m2m” was so kind to wrote a litte Service years ago. IP Inno CH - just try it out and you get the anwer, for ipv4 and ipv6 on one page. With IP, PTR, SAS and other information.

Freebsd Stuff

Fix Broken Package Manager pkg add -f pkg bootstrap -f; pkg update -f